Latest Jordans News, name a sneaker that is more iconic than the all-white Air Force 1. As the main product of any respectable collection, the clean color scheme of this legendary shoe has long been considered one of the best sports shoes ever. So, how can such influential shoes become better? Simply, just add GORE-TEX. We recently discovered the Air Force 1 GTX (GTX stands for Gore-Tex, anyone who wants to know) in the classic all-white color scheme. This means that, thanks to the waterproof membrane, this pair of chips can withstand various factors. In order to highlight the GTX design, the word “GORE-TEX” is embroidered on the heel of nylon canvas and leather shoes, while the Nike brand uses the Swoosh on the side and the Nike Air logo on the heel to mark the shoes. Below, you will find a cushioned cup bottom and a translucent outsole to perfect the design elements. Through the image of COVERCHORD, we can see that the army has two sets of shoelaces: a gray set and a white lace lock.

Buy Jordan Soles decided to work with Kyrie Irving and sign with the Brooklyn Nets, it brought together two of the most exciting basketball players in the world-no, we did not forget you, James. Harden. Since Irving and Durant are both Nike athletes—both have their own signature sneakers—for the largest brand in basketball, the marketing possibilities are endless. Taking full advantage of the relationship between Carey and Durant, Swoosh took advantage of the prominent color schemes of each player’s signature line and transferred them to other athletes’ current sneakers on the court. For example, Irving’s Carey 7 will soon be replaced with Durant’s KD 7 “weather forecaster”, which may be Durant’s greatest skin color ever. Appropriately called “Ky-D”, Kyrie 7 has bright colors and a signature topographic map inspiration line, making the KD 7 “weatherman” a success. Combining KD’s color and design with Carey’s signature sneakers, this distinctive sneaker is a must for fans. If you want to add Kyrie 7 “Ky-D” to your series, you will have the opportunity to release the color scheme at 10 am on June 5th.

New Release Yeezy ,The influence of Yeezy Foam Runner on sports shoe culture is unquestionable. In just a few weeks, this silhouette has climbed into the ranks of Adidas Yeezy, and can even be comparable to the always-loved Yeezy Boost 350 v2. With its easy price and often-advertised comfort, its future color scheme may be as popular as “Sand” and the original “Ararat”. This latest choice was recently leaked by Kim Kardashian himself, and it is not much different from the March “MXT Moon Gray”. It has the same pattern, contrasting brown hits to sublimate the entire silhouette, toes and heels. Judging from the low-resolution visual effect, the background color seems to be tan, but slightly darker than the aforementioned “sand”. Givenchy (Givenchy) and 1017 ALYX 9SM designer Matthew M. Williams (Matthew M. Williams) and Nike (Nike) preliminary cooperation, launched the ultra-futuristic Zoom MWW 4 sports shoes in two new colors. The sneakers were previously released in beige, silver and black. The two new color schemes are “Three Blacks” and “Rust Color Factor”. Both of the designs are very good and are strongly reminiscent of robots and future mechanical engineering.