It's natural to worry about when to feed your funny cat, how much to feed, and whether you'll be able to get away for the weekend without starving your beloved companion. That's where automatic feeders for cats and dogs come into play.

If you're busy with work or other personal matters most of the time, an automatic feeder will ensure that your pet gets the right food at the right time. For those of you with multiple pets, there are also options that can help you make sure each pet is eating its own food and not stealing from others. That's why we've searched for the ideal pet feeder for you, taking into account ease of use, sturdiness, capacity for small to medium-sized pets, pet-proofing, and more! We've taken all of this into consideration.

Below love these are answers to common questions, so please look carefully if you have a cat.

Is an automatic cat food feeder worth the price of admission?

Of course, it is! As a pet parent, you have things to do or have to be somewhere most of the time, and your pet is always hungry and needs their daily diet whether you are busy or not. That's where an automatic feeder comes in handy.

Think of it as your helping hand to make sure your feline friend stays well fed and healthy, whether you're at home, at work, or too busy. So even on short trips and long days, an automatic cat feeder can provide your pet with an exact share of meals. Best of all, automatic feeders are also designed to feed your pet fresh or wet food while you are away.


In addition, automatic feeders are an easy way to provide your pet with multiple small meals each day to keep your cat energized and satisfied. They are also very helpful for you when feeding your pets outdoors, preventing any other pets from eating all their food.


Why you should trust us

To find the best automatic pet feeders, we researched pet feeders from trusted and proven brands, as well as user reviews, and compared the value of different prices. We look for feeders for small to medium-sized pets, taking into account your budget, needs, and specifications (wet food feeder, microchip feeder, and warranty). We want to be a small part of the reason you're sure your pets will still enjoy their food even when you're not home!


How we picked them

Ease of use and assembly

One of the main things to look for when purchasing a dog or cat feeder is the ease of use. This is always our top priority when recommending an option to you. Automatic feeders need to be "programmed" to arrange food for your pet. However, this should not be a complicated task or you may end up giving your pet more or less food. Here, we consider feeders with buttons that are simple enough so you can set them up manually, and feeders that can be programmed with an interactive smartphone app.